09 April 2016

A Series to begin to Practice Film Making...04/09/2016

Enough of me sitting around and watching how to videos. Dreaming of having the right equipment. I have enough equipment that can get me started. 
So as I said in a short Vlog post I've been thinking about trying to do a series. Well, it's time to get going. I've begun the preproduction and planning for the series, and the first episode. As I have limited time, while I'm off from work, I've set a deadline of June 1st. I'm going to try the first episode out as a general overview of the series sooner than that. 
My target time wise is to do one new video each month, released at the beginning of the next month. I've given myself 2 months for this first one because I tend to be slow when I'm unsure of what I'm doing. 
What am I calling this series? Exploring Northern Michigan. My goal is going through northern Michigan (the forecast area of the office), and do a video about each town. As I find interesting things in the towns, I will do a separate video on that subject. As an example, I'll do an installment about Gaylord, but then maybe The Big Ticket Festival. 
So that's the idea. I was out shooting some stuff in Gaylord yesterday. Now, I'm going to go through and see what I have for video of other areas around northern Michigan. 
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