15 April 2016

3 Post-Easter Reflections on a Post-Christian USA - Seedbed

3 Post-Easter Reflections on a Post-Christian USA - Seedbed:

A couple of good quotes, here's one:

Today, all acts of humility are interpreted as weakness and strength is only understood through raw power. This is in sharp contrast to the ethic of Jesus, which demonstrates that “my power is made perfect in weakness” and his greatest power is exhibited through the weakness and vulnerability of the cross. 
 And the other

Third, there is growing fear and racial unrest in America....I discovered that Serbs and Croats had lived side by side for generations, but the collapse of the Christian worldview led to one of the worst episodes of ethnic violence in history. It is there that the phrase “ethnic cleansing” would be coined.
The whole thing should be read.

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