09 October 2013

The Polies have a New Tradition

When I was at the South Pole in '94-95, the tradition has held that after closing, after all of the summer people are gone, we watch 3 movies:

  1. The Shining
  2. The Thing (old version)
  3. John Carpenter's The Thing

This is to get the isolation thing down.

Now, with no mid-winter air drop like they did almost 20 years ago, they have a "soft" opening with the Twin Otters and the Basler. This brings a few people in as the prepare for the true opening when the main winter over team and some of the summer people show up. So they show Con Air. Where the convicts escape by C130. LOL...

antarctica.kuotiong.net: New Polie Tradition: The Showing of Con Air after ...:
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