28 March 2013

Things I'm finding about the perfect device

As I take pictures and video, I find that having just my phone is very limiting. I try to take pictures at some events, only to realize that the pictures and video are draining my battery, and my phone is on the edge of life. So I have to stop.

I almost bought a point and shoot, so that I can practice with, until I can buy the DSLR that I want. In fact one of the DSLR shooters that I follow, did a documentary with a Canon 7D and a Canon point and shoot that could shoot 1080p.

One thing I like with the current crop of Nikon is the WiFi plugin device (dongle) that allow you to control the camera with your phone and share pictures and videos.

And I can put the smaller camera into waterproof cage and use it at the water park with the grandkids. I can't do that with my phone.

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