04 December 2004

Some Ham Radio Fun

Currently, I am sitting in the NWS office that I work at doing a ham radio special event. We have this special event recognizing our ham radio severe weather spotters during the first weekend of December. It is a great way to have fun while going into sleep depravation. Although, I'm kind of immune from the sleep depravation this week as I just finished my round of midnights.

I brought my radio in that I can only use a bit as I'm only licensed for the VHF bands. I'm hoping that in the near future I can learn the code and upgrade to General and get on the HF Bands. I can only operate on HF when we do these special events, because there is a control operator who is a General or above in class.

We are making contacts with radio amatuers and many of the other NWS offices nationwide. It's fun way to spend 24 hours.
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