28 June 2017

Somebody Needs to Defend John McEnroe. Why Not Me? – Mother Jones


Somebody Needs to Defend John McEnroe. Why Not Me? – Mother Jones: "McEnroe didn’t bring this up out of nowhere. He wasn’t trying to say anything about Serena Williams or women’s tennis in general. He wasn’t trying to generate controversy. He was responding to a dumb question from an interviewer. I suppose he could have told the interviewer he didn’t understand what she was saying, and then asked for a clarification, but instead he just answered and moved on—or would have, anyway, except that the interviewer just wouldn’t let it go.

Since then, half the sports writers in America have proved they have too much free time on their hands by going after McEnroe. And everyone else is now chiming in too."

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02 April 2017

I've been thinking about how Christians live their lives with our abundance.

The folly of Christianity – John Meunier: "What Hauerwas is calling for, I think, and what gets so many people uncomfortable with him, is a life fundamentally at odds with what most Americans would describe as living the good life. The dream of many Americans is to live a life centered on what gives them pleasure, including the pleasure of feeling like they are being a good person when they share some of their time and their money helping those who are “less fortunate.”"

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16 January 2017

I've always said, "If it bleeds, it leads, and if it doesn't bleed, then someone will make it bleed."

I recently saw an article a friend was sharing on Facebook that said, "Running over protesters on roadways could soon be legal in North Dakota." I noticed they were quoting something from the Bismarck Tribune. So, I went and looked for the article. While it may still not be a good bill (as ti was only recently introduced to a committee in the legislature, many steps away from a law), still it isn't as the headline screams, "go run down the protesters." It may not be fake news, but it is overly sensationalized and gives the wrong impression. One of the many reasons I don't trust much of the news, and will dig a little more to find the original stories and sources.

Motorist liability introduced in response to pipeline protests | Government and Politics | bismarcktribune.com:

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06 January 2017

Why Rural America Voted for Trump - The New York Times

This article and the one from Cracked magazine(just watch the language) are probably the two best pieces to explain what I see here in rural northern Michigan.

Why Rural America Voted for Trump - The New York Times: "When you are the son or daughter of a carpenter or mechanic and a housewife or secretary who lives paycheck to paycheck, who can’t afford to send kids to college, as many rural residents are, white privilege is meaningless and abstract."

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29 December 2016

What Christmas in “Christian America” tells us about how ancient Israelites worshiped God | Pete Enns

What Christmas in “Christian America” tells us about how ancient Israelites worshiped God | Pete Enns: "The fact that the biblical writers protested so much against false worship probably tells us not so much how “rebellious” the Israelites were against clearly understood commands, but that the ancient Israelites were as detached from their official religion as are many/most Americans from official Christianity."

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12 November 2016

Money Sex Power Election | Liturgy

The reaction from an Anglican priest in New Zealand which mirrors my own thoughts (and for the record I voted for Gary Johnson).

Money Sex Power Election | Liturgy: "I was, and still am, surprised by people’s surprise at the result. The polarisation and siloing of perspectives is something that calls for careful reflection. And action. Each side of supporters so demonised the other side that there appeared little to no communication."

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