02 July 2015


It started out okay. I tried to sleep in for work tonight. Got up around 1030a, to get the blade changed on the lawnmower. I found out that despite the blade said that it fit all Craftsman lawnmowers, that it was the wrong blade. So I took it back, and got another.

We noticed earlier that the hot water seemed a little cool. Well, by the afternoon it was cold. I tried to look, at the water heater, but couldn't see anything. I called a friend from church who's good at this stuff. Try the thermocouple. I went to Lowe's again, got a thermocouple, and replaced it.

Kids back and forth, and stuff around the house. I just kept praying, "I am calm, content, wise and unafraid."

Here's to the trials and the reactions to them that shape us...
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