02 February 2014

While Pittsburgh is my #1 Team in Everything, Seattle is right up there and here's why.

I've been a Steeler/Pirate/Penguin fan for a long time. I was born into it. My family roots deeply entrenched in Western PA, but how did this Midwestern boy become a Seahawk fan? It has been a long time and is somewhat related to the W PA thing. It starts with Penn State. Curt Warner, or as I like to say the original one, was the star running back that was part of the National Champion Nittany Lions in 1982, when I was a junior at Fennville High School (My dad is Penn State Alum, as am I). In 1983, he was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks. I followed his career there, until 1989. However, I never stopped watching the Seahawks. Not sure why, but I always found players that I like there, like Steve Largent, and Matt Hasselbeck.

There is a second reason. My sister, and subsequently my parents all moved to Portland, OR, which is a big Seattle area, except for basketball. So Penn State and family got me to where I have been rooting for a team on the West Coast.

So if the Steelers meet the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, I'll root for Pittsburgh, oh wait they did, and it was here in Michigan and the Steelers won. However, with the 'burgh out of the Playoffs this year, I was rooting for the Seahawks. This is almost as good. Here's to some more rings for my West Coast team, provided Pittsburgh doesn't  miraculously rebuild and challenge to the Super Bowl next year...
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