20 December 2013

My Moderate Attitude...

I have a friend at work that jokingly chastises me for being a moderate, middle of the road person, politically, and to a certain extent, theologically. He says to me, you know what you find in the middle of the road? Dead animals.

In some churches, I feel like I'm liberal, and in others, conservative. I declare myself a libertarian, wanting people to respect others rights, but not to the point that they are afraid to speak there mind. Can't we just do it in love?

I find that I would prefer to be a dead animal being run over by the left and the right than to witness salvos of speech that is unloving and unproductive. I guess that's where I am at this Christmas. I'm left shaking my head at the things that I see on the internet. There is such venom being spat around the net that I have been contemplating unplugging from all but a few services.

A few things that have brought me to this place. The Phil Robertson controversy, the so called War on Christmas, and when "grinches" in the media try to claim Christmas for their own gain (I'm thinking the Greenpeace video of Santa cancelling Christmas because of global warming).

I have seen people on one side of the Phil Robertson/Duck Dynasty controversy with memes of support. Part of it I can get behind, you are free to speak your mind. However, as a pastor friend pointed out, as well as a friend from around here, A&E isn't a Christian organization so why are you mad they fired him?

On the other side, I saw a friend post a meme about Mr. Robertson, quoting  Leviticus and something about being unkempt, and ending with what a butt (I'm putting it nicely).

As I have seen in my experience, neither side is very helpful in resolving the issues, bringing unity and understanding.

Besides, as someone who is tending to lots of ask questions, I ask who does this controversy benefit? I think Three parties, A&E, Phil Robertson and the Duck Dynasty clan, and GQ. From various posting and articles, A&E is not comfortable with religiosity of Duck Dynasty, and the ratings were starting to slip, a bit. My guess is that the Robertson clan has been butting heads with A&E enough to want out as well. So how do we part with one last bang? In steps writer, Drew Magary, contributor to GQ magazine. Who are we kidding? Either the Duck Dynasty people are so naive that they didn't know what this guy was like,  they didn't care, or what I think, they knew this would be the outcome. On a NPR blog, ('Duck' And Cover: What, Exactly, Is The Point?) Linda Holmes makes a good point with this:
Magary is a famously unsparing, very funny writer, and it's difficult to believe the people who handle Phil Robertson didn't understand that Robertson + Magary = chaos. Perhaps the interview, the comments, the suspension, the return — perhaps it's all a dance, or part dance, or tripping over your feet and passing it off as a dance.
 So how does this add up? Let's part company! We'll go out in a big bright explosion, you'll get more people to step up for you, we'll get higher ratings for the last season, and GQ will sell a boat load of magazines, and get lots of hits on their website.

I know, it's cynical, but so much of this culture is money oriented, and that includes most people in the church.

I'm just waiting, and hoping I don't get run over again, but if I do, may I be poured out like a drink offering. Phillipians 2:14-18
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