16 January 2013

Two things in my head tonight, Weather and College Football

One is on my weather blog, when I saw that there was a Special Weather Statement issued earlier.

The second one is the hypocrisy in the media and in college football.

A few weeks ago, I ran into some articles about Notre Dame football and a sexual scandal. I thought about it, shook my head and moved on, but when I heard that there was live press conference tonight, I thought, maybe they were going to discuss it and the repercussions. I was wrong.

Instead, it was about Mani Te'o's hoax of the girlfriend who died. To me, this was meant to distract us from what I think is going on. Just like the distraction after the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State debacle (I'm a Penn State Alum so that was painful) that ended up putting the blame on the coach that died (See Framing Paterno). I'm waiting for the Notre Dame other shoe to drop.

So if they finally investigate this, will the NCAA respond? They ruled in the Penn State case without having any jurisdiction, will they do this to NDU? I liked Brian Kelly, when he was the coach at the school I started out at GVSU, where he took them to 2 Division II NCAA championships. However, if the 24K cult known as the NDU alum and boosters have anything to say, then Penn State isn't the only one that has a football culture problem.
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