18 November 2012

Thoughts from the Road

Mary's driving. Karlie's putting on her makeup. I'm currently sitting in the backseat, listening to my morning prayerlist/Bible reading playlist. A few thoughts came to me:

- A post I read yesterday, talked about how love is the fulfillment of the
   law and asked the question about whether some things that were done
   as a culture then fit now. In which case, is there anything unloving about
   ignoring that part of the law. I think I have a response. I'll comment on
   his blog, and maybe expand on it, on my main blog.

- I'm thinking that I should go through Psalm 119 through the next year.
   I keep running into stuff that's really good, at least for me.

I thought there were more. I'll right more when I get to it.

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