25 August 2012

From Onward State: Trustee Joel Myers Sounds Off at the NCAA

Full disclosure: I worked for AccuWeather/Joel Meyers early in my career. I didn't always agree with the way he did business, which is why I left in the early 1990s. However, with what I have seen of his letter and what he said at the Board of Trustee retreat, I do agree with. Also, I do agree with Trustee Kevin Eckel that we need to move on and live with the unfairness. I'm sure that in the long run, as a Christian, I will live with the unfairness and learn to forgive the flawed decision of the NCAA.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

BOT meeting_Cole-12

The excitement came during the final minutes of the meeting, when — to the raucous applause of several dozen observers — veteran alumni Trustee Joel Myers delivered a powerful statement against the NCAA sanctions.
“Penn State was a great University in November, and it is today. Penn State was a great University before the Freeh report, and it is today,” Myers said. “These sanctions are a blight on the NCAA and the institutions that make it up.”
Myers has been one of the more outspoken members of the board in recent months against the NCAA, and his statement emphasized that role. The WPSU live stream of the meeting cut out at 4 p.m. — right in the middle of Myers’ remarks. Conveniently, 4 p.m. was also the time when President Erickson walked into the room.
“These penalties hurt the Nittany Nation without benefitting anyone…The NCAA has lost their moral compass. We [can't] stand down,” Myers continued. ”I’m tired of being told we need to put practicality before principle…Are these the tactics, and lack of clarity and candor that the NCAA stands for…lies, intimidation?”
“We need to stand up against this. Not stand down. The NCAA says we put athletics before academics. The opposite is true…The NCAA is no longer worthy to be a representative of higher education,” Trustee Myers concluded.
Myers received a standing ovation from the public for his remarks but not much reaction from board members themselves. Trustee Keith Eckel spoke out against Myers, and said that although he finds the sanctions to be unjust, “We need to move forward…many times, we have to live with unfairness.”
Following the meeting, the Board broke off into committee meetings. A full public meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, starting at 9 a.m.

I agree with both of the Bold Italics that I added. The NCAA is not worthy, but we need to move forward. Onward State>>>>>>
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