08 July 2012

The Tour and my schedule

(Picture by Jean Pierre Belot  under Creative Commons License). 

For those you who don't know, there are a few sports that I keep track of, but don't engage much except for one time of year. One of them is the Indy 500, thus I keep track of the Indy Racing League. The other is the Tour de France. I got hooked back when Lance Armstrong was winning the Tour, and I would unwind after my mid shifts by watching the live race in the morning. Now with streaming, on demand, etc. I do that kind of now, even with my new schedule which gets me home around 430am. I unwind streaming parts of the race so that by 530am or 6am, I'm ready for bed. Day shifts will be a little different as I can watch the race in "prime time" on NBC Sports Network. This has been an even crazier tour than last years Tour de Carnage as they termed it with all the crashes. This year has taken out a lot of big names. Can't wait to review the latest stage in the mountains. 
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