30 April 2012

Photography: Nikon D3200 on the wish list.

I like to take pictures. I used to be pretty good with a 35 mm SLR camera, especially when I could develop my own film and pictures (b&w is really easy that way). However, after my last SLR camera died in the mid90s, I have done mostly point and shoots and more recently, my phones. In fact, I love my Droid4, it has a great set of cameras on it.

Recently, however, I have been wanting to get back into the SLR game, only now with DSLR. For one, not only can I change lenses and work the stops for great pictures, but even some of the intermediate cameras can shoot 1080p video (I'd like to start shooting some video as well as stills), with and adapter to have stereo sound (remember, I'm an amateur sound person as well). So, my wishlist was for a Nikon D5100 or Canon Rebel T3i/EOS 600D. These had all those features, and these run around $850. However, Nikon just released the D3200, which is the same size as the D3100, but with features that are on the D5100 or the D7000, their two more advanced cameras. This includes the external stereo mic jack that the D3100 didn't have on it. The price is $150 lower than the D5100! So, I'll keep looking at the cameras, but I think this one fits the bill for me to get back into one of my hobbies.
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