21 October 2008

My news consumption

I admit it. I'm a news junkie. I sometimes drive Mary crazy with the news things that I listen to. I have never lost the thought on how, I would sit with Dad and watch the news. In a way, it is part of who I am because some of my early conversations with my dad was sitting down to watch the news. However, as my life as changed over the years, my news consumption hasn't, but it has changed forms.

My main news was through the TV when I was younger, but as podcasting and blogs caught on (i.e. RSS). I began to gravitate to news sources that had good feeds of information. Well, I realize now that with the advent of Twitter, another piece of the puzzle has filled in. So here is my daily news consumption:

I get up and load my iPod Nano with the podcasts that have come in overnight. Two of the podcasts are the ABC News webcast and the NBC Nightly news. I listen to these on my way into work as well as the first part of my day in the office. Then there are various niche news and media critic podcasts that I listent to as well. Next, I go back over my Twitter timeline to scan for the news and people that I follow back to about when I last saw them day before (I have a few news sources, MLive.com, CNN breaking, NPR top stories, NBC news, and Breaking News On).Then comes the RSS feeds, with local news papers and various blogs and an alt news website (Pajamas Media).

I filter through all of these sites and more through the day. Being an analyst, it is then fun to poke through and distill this information into usable things. Most of which goes into my youth ministry.

I don't read everything, but I read what I think I can. Otherwise, I would get overloaded. Eventually some these stories bubbles up into a though that ends up on my blog. You are reading some of the end results of this process.
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