12 November 2007

I'm on the right track

Things always seem to get busy as of late. This time, besides the usual family things, our youth ministry helped to organize a youth conference in one of the churches the other day. I won't go into the details of how I got into my schedule predicament, but I went from two midnights, to two days off, then a day shift, and then 8 hours later the beginning of my last four midnights.

However, while at the conference I was running the soundboard for the youth pastor break out session. I felt like I was back at a Youth Specialties convention. Only this time, I felt that I could actually contribute to the conversation. It recently dawned on me that I have been in youth ministry for 8 years as a volunteer. Anyway, at the end of the break out session, one youth worker felt that they were having trouble relating to the kids. They had only been volunteering for a couple of years. I shared my early experience, and it felt like they were encouraged.

The reason why this is important, is that in 2004, I was at the YS convention in Dallas, and while working my way through the prayer labyrinth, I felt that my direction in youth ministry would be to help the youth pastors who seem to get battered and burned out. I was reminded of this while I was reviewing the weekend in my mind. So I feel that I am on the right track with where I am going in life.
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