07 July 2007

New Cool stuff

As most of you know, I'm a computer geek always looking for new things that can help me do more, with less. In this case, I'm always looking for new ways to add new podcasts (to me most radio is worthless, and not just in northern Michigan) and manage my content. I've been a subscriber to Podshow, and they have been making changes that make it easier to create and manipulate your channel feeds.

Recently, I have been making a channel of episodes, of cool things that I have listened to recently. Right now, it has a couple of Mars Hill episodes, a couple Imago Dei episodes, and a Lifespring episode. I'm hoping to put some more new stuff over the coming weeks. The neat thing about the channels that you create is that you can play them right from the website, through Windows Media, Real player, your mp3 player, or subscribe through an RSS reader to the RSS feed that is available.

So check out my collection of podcasts in the channels. You might find some stuff you like.
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