17 April 2007

Acquire the Fire 2007

Ron Luce

This last weekend, we, the McLutz family, went with our church's youth group to Ford Field in Detroit to see the Acquire the Fire/Battlecry Event of 2007. We had a great time, listening to speakers, singing with Hillsong United, and watching concerts of bands like P.O.D., Skillet, and Hawk Nelson.

I will have to say that this one wasn't as good as last year's, in my humble opinion, but the purpose of it was for spiritual renewal with the kids and to get them energized for the upcoming year at church and I believe that from there it hit its target.

Ron Luce, the founder of TeenMania Ministries, the organizer of the events, spoke this year about plugging into the Bible more and what you can do to make a difference in the lives of your friends, family, and community. He brought out people who are doing just that with the likes of Zach Hunter who is now a 15 year old and has been raising money and awareness in the US and overseas about slavery.

Kaleb and Karlie always look forward to this event, not to mention Mary and I. They are a lot of fun.

It looks like they are done with the stadium events here for now as that they are offering 2 dates next year and I hear that we are attending the one in Grand Rapids! Yeah!
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