19 February 2007

Kaleb Qualifies for State!

Originally uploaded by Jery McNutz.

On a cold windy day north of Harbor Springs, MI, Kaleb McNamara, qualified for the State Championship Ski meet for the Slalom event. Kaleb said that he did okay at the Giant Slalom, but his times were a bit slow. He placed 11th (not bad dude) out of 90 skiers.

However, the Slalom was another matter. He was one of the faster skiers that could stay upright while going through the challenging course.

"Yeah, the terrain kept changing. One turn you go up, the next down," Kaleb said after his first run.

Check out the videos of his slalom runs, below.

The second run was different, but none the less challenging as the whole group of skiers were about 2-3 seconds slower on their second runs. He ended up 6th overall qualifying as an individual.

Way to go!

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