17 June 2006

A late night revelation

I was having trouble sleeping tonight, when this illustration burst forth in my brain.

As followers of Christ we are asked to walk a narrow way. In this case the black line. This black line represents, doing the things we should do. Characterized by the statement Love God and Love people. The fushia (?) line represents some Christians who pick out the faults of others and tell them how they are displeasing to God, and are going to hell. The maroon line represents tolerating sin. Where we love people so much that we become enablers allowing sinful practices and bailing out the person to the point that they don't get any correction and discipline to help them out of the addiction or such.

The red dotted that swiggles back and forth along the Black line of the narrow way, is about as close as we come as most Christians. Trying to help, correct, or discpline a friend or youth group member, out of love without being judgemental. Sometimes we tolerate sin to a point, but let them know that it isn't right. Sometimes feeling judgemental about something and acting that way. The trick is to stay as close to the black line or walk the black line as best as possible.

I think what brought this on was the outing that we had today with the youth pastor and other volunteers. While planning, we had discussions about how to relate to some of the kids who are in the midst of major problems without being judgemental and yet helping them with their particular sin. Loving them but gently guiding them toward Truth.

That's everybody's struggle.

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