21 October 2005

NYWC Day 5 The end

Today was a bit slower in pace as it was the last day. I went to a Seminar about experiential worship, very cool. The End general session was good with Chris Tomlin the worship leader and the president of YS Mark O. The speaker. He was pretty good with a good outside the box message. After the end, the four of us went to eat. We said our goodbyes, although we will see each other in a couple of days and parted company.

Mary and I headed south into Mt. Lebanon where my aunt and uncle live. It was a great night to visit and relax. The only damper on the evening, was when I released my emergency brake and it didn't seem to disengage. We have a plan for tomorrow. I'm praying that we can make this so we can get back for our Crown financial class and to see my uncle Dave. We will see.
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