14 November 2004

It's not that I don't believe in global warming, but...

I read this article on Reason.com on global warming. I think that it was a pretty balanced piece. I have to say from my meteorological background that I am in the camp that man is not the sole contributor and that the signals and evidence are tenuous at best about the implications that we are a sizable part of the problem. At lot of this has to do with the atmospheric oscillations that we are only now finding (remember El Nino was only discovered and correlated with warm winter about 20-30 years ago and that's just one expample) and the fact that there are so many checks and balances in the ecosystem that we can't just oversimplify the problem to CO2 production.

With that said, I still think that we do a lousy job at stewardship with the earth that God has given us to maintain. That's why I read blogs like Enviropundit that is listed in an earlier post.
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